spring menu 2019



  • Cold soup of green peas with herbs and gruyère cheese, roasted duck foie-gras, cider and lettuce
  • Salt- cured salmon with blood orange, fennel, avocado and spice bread
  • Marinated sardines with stracciatella , raspberries, tomatoes and beet
  • Buckwheat cake of scratchings with duck foie-gras, pear to red wine, porcini, smoked eel and hibiscus
  • Pickled partridge, sea lettuce, cockles, sweet heart of palm and emulsion of crab-matcha green tea
  • Spiced iberian pork with scorpion fish tartare , baked apple, thyme crumbs, bottarga and almonds-timur berries ice cream
  • Pumpkin gnocchi with green asparagus, Idiazábal, cured beef and marjoram
  • Roasted eggplant with cod tripe, arugula pesto, pistachios and jabugo
  • Blades of celeriac with smoked bacon and tender onion cream, oxtail, macadamias nuts and prawns



  • Cod with kohlrabi, maple syrup, trout caviar, chive oil and rye bread
  • Monkfish with lacquered pork rib, seared leeks and citrus-algae powder
  • Tuna with basil, pak choi , pink grapefruit and white balsamic
  • Hake with razors clam and rhubarb, mushroom broth, salted praline with hazelnuts and pine oil
  • Gilt head bream with spicy coconut and kafir lime , buckwheat noodles, cured yolk and snow peas
  • Rice with cuttlefish, artichokes, scallops and saffron aioli
  • Lobster with Iberian bacon, squid, beans, olive and green pepper (suppl. 21.00 €)



  • Beef with roasted small onions, bearnaise, potato-horseradish rosti and red wine
  • Rabbit with green mustard, apricots, shimeshis and crispy polenta
  • Pork knuckle with octopus, fried capers, mashed potato with rosemary honey and sobrasada
  • Poularde with bulgur , pumpkin, morels, pollen and curry
  • Lamb with salsifíes, cashew nuts, anchovies, black lemon and elder
  • Beef cheeks with cauliflower, fresh dates, vanilla endive and bergamot
  • Pigeon with foie gras, curd, caramelized walnuts and grilled plums with bittersweet Riesling (suppl., 14.00€)


In case you have any kind of food intolerance or food allergy, please let us know and we will be pleased to customize any dish for you.



  • Strawberries with cheesecake cream, licorice crumble, violet and blackcurrant sorbet
  • Black chocolate with coffee, banana, long pepper, ” tia Maria “and merengada milk ice cream
  • Roasted pineapple with passion fruit, ” caramelia “, flax and basil sorbet
  • Mango with caramelized pine nuts, icy cloud of black olive, verbena and caramel-tamarind ice cream
  • White chocolate with lime, mint, broken cookie and yuzu ice cream
  • Green apple with dill infusion, coconut, Kefir-lemongrass curd and yogurt sorbet
  • Artisan Cheeses from the Pyrenees (suppl., 7,00 €.)


Starter, fish or meat and dessert: 37,00€
Starter, fish, meat and dessert: 51,00€
(VAT included)

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